Missing Teeth? Dental Implants May Be Best Tooth Replacement Option

Implants as an Alternative- Video Clip by Zimmer Dental

Dental implant treatment can return you to optimal oral health if you have lost one, a segment, or all of your teeth. The natural look, feel, comfort and stability when chewing on dental implant supported teeth are described as miraculous by many who have toiled with dysfunction, disability, and embarrassment of inadequate tooth replacement solutions of the past.

Consequences of Tooth Loss

Most people do not realize the devastating consequences of tooth loss. Besides losing function and creating unsightly gaps, silently, the remaining jaw bone continues to lose its shape and density over time! Additionally, the pink soft tissue gums covering the bone shrinks and jaw muscle attachments become more prominent. This makes the fit, comfort, function and appearance of any conventional fixed or removable bridge or denture increasingly problematic.

Dental Implants: Tooth Replacement Solutions

Dental implants can actually prevent typical bone loss that comes when teeth are removed. Implants replace the valuable root foundation necessary to maintain bone health. With implants, support for replacement teeth that feel and look natural can be reestablished. Facts: Implants do not decay and statistics show that implants are less prone to gum disease! Naturally looking and feeling teeth with dental implant support beneath may be exactly what will give you a “second chance”, recapturing the natural state as close as dentistry is able to provide today.

Planning Essential for Dental Implants

Your goals and the facts of your condition need to be carefully considered before dental implants are placed. Clinical examination, x-ray images and 3D modeling help visualize the location of your replacement tooth or teeth before treatment starts. Then, size and number of implants can be selected and oriented to support long term health. Mouth conditions should be made optimal to insure the greatest probability of implant success, or other treatment alternatives should be entertained.

Dental Implants to Recapture Oral Health

Dental implants require the body’s natural healing to strengthen and securely fuse within the jaw bone before the they can be fully activated to support normal chewing and function. Suitable time is needed. Teamwork with our dental laboratory technicians helps us finalize a long term result that looks feels and functions as close to what “Mother Nature” originally gave you. When dental implants offer the best, and sometimes the only viable solution for complex dental issues, implant patients say the time and economics are well worth the life changing improvements received!

Implant and General Dentistry of Vermont has provided planning strategies, surgical and prosthetic treatment phases and implant hygiene services for over 20 years! Explore how implant dentistry can help you recapture your oral health. Give us a buzz!

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