Gum Treatment Uses Lasers Reduces Medical Risks

My Gums In Need Of Laser Treatment

Gum treatment with Lasers for me? Ok, my spouse says I have bad breath.  Doesn’t everyone have that sort of problem now and again? My gums look red, bleed occasionally and  sometimes I get a boil.  Could my teeth be getting longer or are my gums shrinking?  Yes, some of my teeth are cold sensitive and one is a little loose. But, isn’t that just aging?

No, it is gum disease and there is more risk to your total health besides loss of your teeth than you might be aware of!

Silent, undiagnosed, untreated and ongoing gum diseases poses a significant health hazard say our medical colleagues, due to chronic inflammation that continually irritates the body’s immune system. Higher risk of heart attack, stroke, diabetes and respiratory ailments are but a few of the growing number of consequences associated with gum infections.

Fortunately, the use of special lasers in conjunction with non surgical periodontal treatment has recently taken a leap forward in effectiveness and comfort for patients while drastically reducing the medical consequences of gum disease.

In 2008 Implant and General Dentistry of Vermont implemented a new laser system and treatment protocol, specifically designed to treat periodontal disease, and reduce the need for surgery.  Similar to LASIK for the eyes, this patented, FDA approved and peer reviewed laser therapy is a significant breakthrough in treating periodontal disease. It allows us to treat the disease effectively, is minimally invasive, and many times eliminates the need for conventional surgery altogether. Our laser protocol helps us increase the probability of regenerating soft tissue and new bone attachment to the root, than ever before.

Aside from the clinical benefits, laser use reduces pain, bleeding, root sensitivity and swelling and all this is ideal for those who are fearful of conventional treatments.  Another key is the antibacterial effect of laser light that disinfects treatment areas, thereby greatly reducing post-treatment infections.

Conventional scaling and root planing may not be enough and traditional surgery may be too much. Not all lasers are created equal when it comes to their effects for gum use.  We use the Deka Ultra Speed CO2 laser for your soft tissue problems. Research shows dramatic improvement of results for laser assisted treatments compared with procedures without laser for non-surgical “gum” care.  Laser use impacts positively on your total health by reducing chronic inflammation efficiently, that would worsen a broad range of other significant medical conditions!

Give our office a call. It’s always our pleasure to help you towards optimal health!

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