Observation Understanding, Care and Thoughtful Action

Implant and General Dentistry of Vermont, a web site, social media, e-newsletter?  Why?

The further along the path we go, the more we pause, wondering if the word about “health” is really getting out.  How can we do better?

Our conclusion has led us to the development of our web site and to reach out through social media and e-communication.  Perspective and reasoning follows below!

Simple Observations

  • Not everyone has the information they want or need for decision making about their oral health.
  • The volume of health care information takes huge chunks of personal time to evaluate.
  • It is difficult for the health care consumer to determine what is useful or credible.
  • Evolution of health care creates beneficial changes you may be unaware of and would want to know.


  • Our commitment to personalized care through face to face communication has never been higher.
  • Our web site allows convenience of access to the information you want, when you want it.
  • Greater interactivity gives you opportunity to ask for items and topics essential to you.
  • Our e-office newsletter is an efficient and cost effective way to keep you up to date about ongoing changes.

Our intent is to be relevant, informative, easy and fun.  If otherwise, let us know.   Our e-newsletter utilizes a highly reputable e-mail service provider.  We have no interest in creating “Spam” or information you do not value.  Opt in or opt out.  It is always your choice!   An unsubscribe link at the bottom of each communication can be used at will.

We give of ourselves to enrich lives.  We celebrate the positive changes in your oral health and general health while working together.  Likewise, our charge is to be a positive influence in our community by helping others appreciate, recapture and maintain their healthy natural state of well being.

Therefore, always feel free to share any good news you feel will help others!


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