Amalgam or CEREC Ceramics: The Healthier Choice?

Old Worn Out Dental Amalgams

Our practice has not filled a single tooth with mercury and silver based amalgam for 22 years.  And, I believe, our patients are healthier for it.  A segment of the professional dental community continues to give their blessing to mercury containing fillings for the moment, yet our Federal government considers mercury amalgam scrap in the category of environmentally hazardous waste. Although there is ongoing research regarding amalgam’s biologic effects, Germany and Japan have discouraged amalgam use.  And, recently Norway, Denmark and Sweden have banned dental amalgam.

Cracked Teeth?
As we eat and drink, the difference of expansion and contraction between amalgam and natural tooth is reported to be enough to cause tooth cracks, splits and fractures. This consequence leads to more substantial problems that could have been prevented if a more compatible material were used. Today, we have distinctly better options!

CEREC Ceramic Onlays and Crowns

Environmentally Clean Materials
Most people prefer a brighter smile for replacing decayed and broken tooth parts.  But, ceramics have a lot of advantages aside from color matching to natural shades. We now routinely fashion, tough, life-like “metal free” single visit inlays, onlays and crowns.  In our hands, the most up-to-date computer aided design and manufacture system called CEREC gets the job done.  CEREC treatment is efficient.  Results are beautifully natural looking, environmentally clean, and a biologically sound alternative to mercury amalgam dentistry of the past.

Safety Counts
Removal of your corroded amalgams is considered a potential hazard. We use high speed evacuation, and barrier techniques as needed for your safety when removing old amalgam. We also minimize the environmental impact of mercury contaminated solid waste water by providing intermediary amalgam waste collection and recycling, as mandated by the State of Vermont.

Your Circumstance
When you look into your mouth, you may see many amalgams. After all, for years, they have been “usual and customary.”   They may look black, pitted or chipped, and require replacement.  Examination will tell.  Whether treatment is indicated due to decay or corrosion, for appearance or by request of your physician for medical reasons, CEREC milled ceramic restoration of teeth can provide the healthiest of options to keep your teeth looking, feeling and functioning at their best.

An interesting Wiki FYI:  Dental Amalgam Controversy

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