Galileos 3D Planning for Accuracy, Precision and Confidence

Tooth Loss? Tooth Replacement?

Are you worried about losing a tooth?  Dealing with teeth already gone and wondering what to do?   Wishing there was some other alternative to partial or complete dentures?  Be sure a Galileos 3D Scan is part of your examination and planning for future treatment!

Galileos 3D Implant Planning Screens for Implant Supported Crown

The Galileos 3D imaging system, integrated with CEREC and implant planning software, is leading the charge in managing the best possible tooth replacement solutions for patients.  And, where dental implants are involved in that best solution, “completely guided” implant placement is by far the most precise and efficient means of getting the job done.

Galileos- 3D to See; Knowing Prevents Complication

At a recent seminar in Andover, MA, internationally renowned author, educator and dental specialist from New York University Dental School, Dr. Stuart Froum, quoted Warren Buffett.  Buffett said, “It is easier to stay out of trouble than to get out of trouble.”  Warren was talking about stocks, but Dr. Froum’s analogy emphasized the need for meticulous attention to detail when considering implant dentistry.  Knowing all the facts, coupled with proper planning and timing, ultimately yields the best results for both investments and implant patients alike.

Galileos imaging shows important bone anatomy and shape, bone quality, density, location of major nerves and vessels in the lower jaw and sinuses in the upper jaw.  All data is highly reliable.  Dimensional measurements are true and accurate without magnification or distortion. Seeing in 3D helps to reduce the probability of complication, and provide a higher assurance of expected results.

Dr. N. Designs Tooth Replacement on CEREC

Galileos Planning:  Teeth First- Implant Second

Proper planning for implants requires the shape and location of the final teeth be known before implant surgery.  It’s the only way to insure that the implant is put in the right place.  In the past, this common sense planning approach always required a mock up with models and wax.  With today’s technology, we use a cleaner, easier, more efficient approach.  Teeth are custom designed “virtually” on a CEREC computer then integrated with your Galileos 3D scan.  Galileos software stitches the X-ray and CAD/CAM modeling of tooth forms together.  On the computer, a virtual implant can be placed in exactly the right position.  Virtual planning makes it easy to see whether a bone building graft will be a necessary first step to get the best functional and esthetic result.

Fully Guided Implant Placement- Precision Delivered

Next, the Galileos planning can be translated to the mouth exactly!  Galileos is used to construct a custom surgical guide.  And, when used during surgery, the guide will guarantee the precision of the planned result, to within tenths of a millimeter!  When the implant base is right, the crowns, the bridge or prosthesis is right!

Guided Surgery Delivers Optimal Implant Placement

Take the Right First Step

Why not be confident taking positive steps to get the benefits you expect?  Start with a consultation and a Galileos scan.  Then, consider providing yourself with dental implants.  Let us help you locate them where they will support the crowns and bridges you want and need to look, feel and function at your best!

We are confident 3D Galileos scanning and planning will help you clearly see the dental implant possibilities open to you when considering tooth replacement options.  We are here to help!

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