Is T.E.A. Good for Our Financial Health?

Green-Tea-300x199Written April 18, 2011- Tax Day

Lack of fiscal discipline on the part of many of our elected representatives, the President included, is not only irritating, it is dangerous to national security and the sovereignty of our country.  Resources of citizen’s time, energy and finance, that should be allocated towards the essentials, are being wasted and frittered away on frivolity, trappings; non issues with little to no demonstrable positive return.  What is worse are our funds that go towards “paybacks” for votes. Don’t gasp!  It is common practice… under the guise of “a negotiated deal”!

In years past, I had an opportunity to speak candidly with one of our former Federal Senators, retired.  He talked of the challenges of passing legislation.  He said the public sector quid pro quo system required “sausage making” in the halls behind the Chambers, out of sight of the citizenry; the “calling in of chits”, “horse trading” and the appropriate “greasing of skids”.  He said all this was necessary or nothing would ever get done!  I was annoyed by the back room secrecy, incomplete sanitized filtered facts and the emptiness of this public process… especially, when collusion, bribery and contempt in the private sector created grounds for arrest and imprisonment!

What’s the Mission?

Have our public officials lost their vision, compass, goals and their minds?  Or… have they just misplaced a copy of our nation’s Founding Principles, for which they swore a solemn oath to uphold? Have they forgotten who they are accountable to?  And, are they truly engaged in tasks that effectively and efficiently match existing means to the actions that will secure and sustain our nation?  I wonder…

Wait a minute…  We elected those officials to represent us.  Maybe we should be doing some self evaluating too.   We hired these officials to serve us.  That makes us the employers and those who were elected, our employees! Let’s review.  Did we interview to understand their backgrounds and qualifications? Were their motivations sufficient to serve and support our national best interest for health, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as defined by our founders or not?  Did we have a complete set of facts on their track record?  Since we say the “Pledge to the Flag”, representative of our commitments, can anything less be acceptable for our employee Congress men and women, Senators and Executives?  Hmm…

Who’s Minding the Store?

So, how have we been managing?  Are we providing feedback and guidance, holding our public servant’s feet to the fire on all counts? Or, have we been absentee managers?  Meaning:

Enclosed, please find the “keys” to all the assets of the United States… and don’t forget that gold key.  It’s for the lock on the Treasury.  Feel free to print as much money as you want.  Just give us your reasons or whatever. We want to see you working and getting stuff done.  We trust you because you look good and speak well.  Listen, catch you in four years.  Maybe we should have lunch in two!  Hey, by the way, have a nice term!

Ridiculous? My sense is it is not far from the truth.  Have you ever gotten the feeling we, knowingly or unknowingly, have hired the foxes to guard our chickens?  Do we share part of the blame?

Signs, Symptoms and Disease

Maybe some personal soul searching is in order.  For example: What is my defined and declared personal direction for the country?  Are my values clearly manifest in my daily, thoughts, words and actions?  Are my behaviors ethical and harmoniously aligned with God, self, family, State and Country?  Am I as active as I need to be for the sake of my family and the current and future health of the USA?  Maybe we have been looking for solutions in all the wrong places…

As we do as individuals, so shall we collectively do as a nation.

Could it be that our citizenry has finely begun to feel the uncomfortable symptoms of its financial illness and have become aware of several behavioral causes for the crisis?  Nearing the need for fiscal resuscitation is none too soon for accurate diagnosis and treatment planning.  Ultimately, the cells of our tissue, the citizens of our nation, have begun to demand that we return to living and interacting ethically, at the highest level of integrity and personal competence for us to thrive.  The days of “I deserve… and you will pay” are gone.  Or, woe is me, wink, wink… while I fraudulently and illegally access the “gravy train” for benefits.  These individuals should be stripped from the ranks of endless support immediately, just as necrotic tissue requiring resection is surgically removed.

The consequent healing will be difficult for many, because there many who have shunned personal responsibility and demand something in return for little or no output. Unless you are legitimately disabled, get off your duff and work.  Uncle Sam’s in debt and can pay no longer.  You are on your own and Lesson 101 in Personal Independence starts today.  Besides, this lifelong exercise helps you lose weight and find purpose.  You will feel better and so will the rest of the country!

Unfortunately, the decision making and actions recently taken and proposed by our elected officials seem more from a movie script “Government Gone Wild” than represent a common sense path to assured solvency and prosperity.  Wouldn’t you agree?  Decisions by default, incompetence or purposeful inattention and corruption have led our country to a precarious place.  Treatment for this illness is painful unless we are heartless enough to push our responsibilities to our children and grandchildren.  Some of us prefer that option, but I do not!

Health from T.E.A.

Solution?  The path towards our nation’s health requires both a citizen and governmental “life style change”.  This behavioral change is of the hardest kind.  Just talk to a long time smoker trying to quit.  Band Aids or an emergency tourniquet are not going to work here.  Some suggest a good old fashion, 16th century “blood letting”.  Just levy more taxes, like on the serfs.  That bitter pill will allow our elected officials to suck a greater percentage of our hard earned personal and corporate income and wealth from us, while simultaneously reducing our mobility, our freedom and choices.  In my opinion, this strategy is a sure fire way to turn US citizens into cold and lifeless “cells” and our nation into an unmoving, compliant corpse!  No thanks!

At this stage of dis-ease, tax increases on individuals or businesses and fueling an ever larger governance, is like feeding sugar to a tumor.  The “cancer” grows as underlying circulation increases the tumor’s viability and the organism dies of spreading metastases.  Get the picture?  Citizens continue to remain passive and unproductive when they become more dependent on government life support system.  Government says, “We will help you by lightening the burden of you income.  You will feel better and we know more precisely where to direct your earnings. Government knows best!”

Righttttt…   In essence, “Lets watch together while the “cancer” increases in size and spontaneously cures itself!”  I don’t think so, and neither do a greater number of actively engaged US citizens.

T.E.A.  anyone?  How about some “green” tea?  It’s organic and grown right in the USA!  Say, it’s loaded with antioxidants that can battle “cancer”.  Oh, you don’t like its taste?  Pshaw! Don’t worry about that.  Look at what it does!  Taste, may be worth giving up inorder have a healthy body!

Yours in health…  Blane J. Nasveschuk, DMD

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