Why Dental Implants Represent the Best Solution

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Dental Implants Create Healthy Smile

Dental anesthesia was invented and implemented around the 1950s. Those of you, who remember this revolutionary breakthrough in the field, are able to acknowledge that this fact had the most positive impact on the field of dentistry in general.

Since nerve sensation could be blocked successfully, dentists could perform even some of the most complex dental treatments, without worrying that the patient will feel the pain. Ever since the 1950s one can say that nothing else revolutionized so much the dental the field as the discovery of the dental implants.

Quite a few years back, when an individual missed a tooth, there was one single option available: the fixed bridge. However, in order to be able to actually fix that bridge in place, the dentist had to aggressively reduce the healthy teeth that were adjacent to the missing tooth.

The, from a hygienic point of view the dental bridges are not so practical. Flossing is almost impossible, and many dentists can acknowledge that the majority of patients with fixed bridges do not respect a proper oral health regimen, simply because it is a cumbersome procedure.

With the passing of time, the bone that actually supported the missing tooth will shrink and even dissolve. The result is that there will be an excessive space existent between the bridge and the tissue that can be found beneath.

Dental implants are the best solution for one missing tooth, and they are the best solution for more missing teeth.

A dental implant is basically made up of 3 important parts: the implant proper that makes a fusion with the jawbone, and it is made of titanium; a support that is directly attached to the implant and which makes a small extension from the gum line; the crown which is connected to the support or abutment and which will help restore both aesthetics and functionality of the natural tooth.

With dental implants, no adjacent tooth will have to suffer. The implant can be cleaned exactly as a natural tooth by flossing and brushing it regularly without any problems.

Today treating a patient with a dental fixed bridge when he misses a tooth is actually a very low standard procedure, simply because dental implants are the most suitable from all points of view.

Then, people who wear fixed bridges or partial/full removable dentures always complain about how these affect their speech, their ability to sense the tastes and they have an unaesthetic image, making one look “old”. People, who actually wear full dentures, will generally struggle with even more such negative side effects.

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Denture Supported By Two Dental Implants

The highest benefit of the dental implant is that it helps creating more retention for the full dentures.

If there are placed two such implants within the lower bone ridge, and then a nice denture is created to adhere to that, the patient gets the best solution to all the embarrassing and frustrating conditions.

There will be no more restrictions regarding chewing of the food and the appliance will never again slip within the mouth creating that uncomfortable feeling.

From 9-28-2011

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