The China Study by T. Colin Campbell, PhD and Thomas M. Campbell II

Nutrition Western Diet casein cardiovascular disease diabetes obesity cancer autoimmuneIn a recent conversation I had with Cathy F. a nurse at our local Rutland Regional Medical Center, we talked about current Federal and State health care initiatives in Vermont. As our dialog turned to more practical issues, she asked if I had read “The China Study”, on the topic of nutrition, a book she highly recommended. I have recently finished reading the copy Cathy loaned me, ordered one for our office so I could “mark it up” to share with patients and bought several additional copies for our sons and their families, so strongly do I feel about Campbell’s information and message contained in this book!

An increasingly larger segment of the US population continues to be less healthy, and more encumbered with medications, treatment and surgery than is acceptable. It’s a big problem with enormous economic consequences. Why is the quest for overall health is so complex and expensive? Maybe there is a simpler way.

Campbell compares dietary and disease patterns from the People’s Republic commissioned China Study and a predominantly plant based diet to stats of the typical “Western” diet laden with animal derived protein. Based upon sometimes “buried” scientific peer reviewed research, the author illustrates and substantiates explanations for the patterns of disease observed and caused by dietary lifestyle choices inherent in affluent western culture. Campbell concludes that the declining health demographic indicators are likely to continue unless a major shift in awareness and primary focus from ” medical cures” to dietary “causes” of disease occurs.

So, what are the economic motivators for farmers, the food industry, medical profession, pharmaceutical companies and our government agencies? And, are they in conflict with creating a healthier American public? Revealing information is contained in the book. Find out reasons why individuals, need to be knowledgeable and exercise much greater discretion about the food they and their families eat. It is literally a matter of life and death!

“The China Study- Startling Implications for Diet, Weight Loss and Long-Term Health” is filled with critical and compelling information to help with our understanding of the consequences that come from our decisions about the food we eat!

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