The American Spirit, by Edwin J. Feulner and Brian Tracy

American Values American Culture Conservative Principles Founding PrinciplesWith the opportunity to participate in the pending “Election 2012”, I felt a perspective regarding the uniqueness of American experience might offer me some clarity and assist in my voting decisions. I am glad the title of this book caught my eye!

“The American Spirit: Celebrating the Virtues and Values that Make Us Great”
offers the reader an understanding of our American character, built upon the strategies exercised by our Founding Fathers and embodied within our Founding Documents.

Illustrations of history and current circumstance uncover the raw fabric that underpins American culture, thought and decision making.  Principles surrounding the roles and responsibilities of the individuals, families and government, within the context of an open, caring and law abiding society, are emphasized as key to America’s success, allowing citizens to reach their potential in life.

Authors Feulner and Tracy’s book is an inspirational read that endorses the wisdom and elegance of America, where honorable hard working people can make the best of their circumstance, regardless of their “start position”, to live the “American Dream” and pass it along to generations that follow.

I highly recommended this book is for everyone, but especially students and new citizens looking for a concise synopsis of The American Spirit!

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