CEREC Crown for Painful Cracked and Decayed Molar Tooth (Video)

fractured painful split decayed molar toothPainful Back Tooth- Why Suffer?

Many people have, that one painful back tooth! They know just which one it is.  It’s the one they keep avoiding when they chew.  Or, maybe you’re the individual with several back there, that bother especially with nuts or meat.  Is it one on the lower right and two up top?  Can’t quite tell which one it is?  Why keep on suffering? Get it checked out and treated, before it gets worse!

Broken, Cracked, Decayed Teeth- Inevitable Circumstance

Cracks, fractures, broken silver mercury amalgam fillings are common consequences of chewing and frequent use, along the course of our life!  We can minimize the wear and tear on our dentition by being reasonable and gentle; not to chew ice or those round kernels in the bottom of the popcorn bag. We can can practice simple regular oral hygiene with a hand held or electric brush and clean plaque from between our teeth.  Yet, teeth still may get decayed or break with time.

Today’s Technology Provides Effective Solution

Emergency care, then a CEREC crown after a “root canal” and composite buildup was provided.  CEREC technology created an elegant, efficient solution for this very common dental issue!  Treatment sequence here, gives you an idea how beautifully CEREC helped get the job done!

The Guided Dental Implant: Simple Solution for Replacement of a Missing Tooth Aqua Video

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