Missing Tooth Replacement? CEREC Galileos for Dental Implant Supported Crown (Video)

missing tooth replacement root crown

Missing Tooth- Dental Implant Support for Crown

Missing Tooth or Heading in That Direction?

Your lower right molar with that “old crown” just broke off!  You are not in pain, but you fear the worst; that the tooth will need to be removed.  How will you get that missing tooth replaced? It’s an important chewing tooth?  The one you always use.  You say you don’t want a removable whatever or to deal with a “bridge”.  Maybe an implant would be best for you!

Dental Implant Crown- for YOUR Missing Tooth

If a dental implant supported crown might be the treatment you’d choose for getting back your tooth watch the video below.   See how we dealt with a tooth replacement circumstance for a patient using the finest of today’s imaging technologies.

Sirona’s CEREC  and Galileos 3D Cone Beam imaging was used for planning and “guiding” the delivery of  a dental implant and crown.  Treatment was accomplished with precision, predictability and simplicity!

Omnicam!- Introducing Our Office’s Next Game Changing Technology for Your BenefitAqua Video

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