Chipped Decayed Weak Teeth? CEREC Omnicam Dental Crowns Best Treatment (Video)

Chipped Teeth or Decayed and Weak

During the course of our life, our dentition encounters wear and tear.  Under rare circumstances, will an individual NOT experience teeth that chip!  If there is decay present, teeth become weak and are prone to fracture.

When Personal Measures- Not Enough

Take prevention seriously and shoulder responsibility for your oral health maintenance by the most simple means possible!  Talk to your dentist and hygienist. They are in your court when it comes to sustaining your health.  But, what if your home care lapses and you are faced with decay, a chipped or broken tooth.  Then what?

Digital Treatment Solution Excellent Choice

This video illustrates treatment for three different, but common circumstances:  a chipped and decayed tooth, a tooth whose cusp had fractured and a root canal tooth under heavy function that showed early signs of splitting.

See how CEREC Omnicam innovations improved the patient experience for these dental crowns.

No sticky “impressions” and no contrast POWDER!  Omnicam captured tooth detail in “living color”.  New software version created accurate virtual models.  Crown proposal was modified for optimal fit and in each case was then manufactured, custom colored and glazed!  Excellent results!  Click and watch!

For more about chipped teeth:  Take a look at what Colgate has to say.


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