Worn Teeth? Attrition Erosion Abrasion- CEREC Omnicam Solution (Video)

Do you have worn teeth?

Doctor, I think I have worn teeth because I’ve been grinding them for years. I’m afraid if I don’t do something, I’m not going to have anything left in there. Doctor, my front teeth are getting shorter. The edges are so thin I can see right through them and they are starting to chip. Doctor, the tops of my back teeth are turning orange and hurt when I eat fruit or granola. Doctor, my teeth are so worn, I’m really starting to have a problem chewing.  They don’t show that much, but I just can’t eat!

Any of these concerns sound familiar?  If yes, then you may be exhibiting signs of worn teeth indicated for treatment!

Initial Signs of Tooth Wear- Easy to Miss

The first signs of worn teeth may easily be missed.  Slight blunting or flattening of the tips of the upper or lower eye teeth is something YOU might gloss over.  Why are the points missing? Small flattened areas on back teeth called facets, present like cut gemstones.  Do YOU see them and know what they indicate? What of hollow cupped areas on molars or notches on teeth at the gum-line?  Do YOU have any of those? Long term consequences?  Signs can start with few, if any, painful symptoms. Yet, there may be something wrong requiring attention!

Get a complete dental examination to know the facts about your teeth.  And, be sure to ask questions about what you observe and feel!

Over time devastation can be severe!

Fortunately we had the opportunity to examine and treat this young lad earlier rather than later.  Three types of tooth wear- tooth-on-tooth attrition, chemical erosion and tooth brush abrasion were present destroying his teeth! 

The video below shows treatment with CEREC Omnicam and use of a new CAD/CAM restorative material, “Enamic”.  See how beauty and function are recaptured and how future deterioration is prevented!

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