Cracked, Fractured, Chipped Teeth- CEREC 2016 Even Better

Broken Tooth, Teeth with Treatment Need- CEREC Care Best

digital dentistry solution

Today’s Digital Dentistry Offers Best Treatment Solutions

Single Visit Crowns, Onlays and Veneers- CEREC Evolves

Reconstruction of decayed and fractured teeth in a single office visit using CEREC has been with us since 2003. Implant and General Dentistry of Vermont was an early adopter of this 3D technology, because Dr. Nasveschuk could see its benefits to patient care right from the start.

With CEREC Omnicam, the best means of restoring health to teeth continues to improve especially with cracked, fractured and chipped teeth.

Well done CEREC dentistry provides excellent clinical results and patients could not be more delighted with same day completion of procedures!


CEREC MCXL Milling for Crown Manufacture

Crown Manufacture- Continues to Be Streamlined

You say your teeth have decay? Many teeth broken? Old fillings? Maybe your existing dentistry is just worn out. When treatment is needed, CEREC CAD/CAM can rapidly provide esthetic, functional, durable results with ease.

The innovation of a small video capture camera allows Omnicam to acquire a scan of your teeth. No sticky impressions nor reflective spray powder is needed.

With the press of a button, Omnicam video creates virtual models of your mouth having unrivaled accuracy. And, automation of steps has reduced the time designing your tooth’s replacement crown without sacrifice of quality.

beautiful front teeth crown crowns CEREC Omnicam

Front Four Teeth- CEREC Crowns

Customized Beauty for Front and Back Teeth

While listening to your iPod or surfing the web on your phone, your restoration is milled by an enhanced MCXL milling unit. Crown manufacture process time has been reduced from an average of 15 minutes to, many times, less than 10.

Then custom color and glazing of your front or back tooth restorations are turned into works of art while being “fired”.

Once glazing is complete your crown is cemented. Because the designed fit is exceptional with Omnicam, minimal adjusting is required. A little cleanup and you are done, all in ONE visit!

smile design asset beauty best value

Natural Beauty Recaptured Has Future Value

CAD/CAM Use Expanding, Great Value

The scope of today’s CAD/CAM technology continues to expand. Extremely tough, yet lifelike materials such as eMax and zirconia have evolved for use with ceramic bridges and restoring dental implants! With CEREC, even orthodontic and sleep apnea treatment applications are available.

If your dentition is falling apart or in need of an upgrade, why not look, feel and function at your healthiest?

Get examined. Understand  that today’s technology can help. Eliminate those snags, sharp edges, decay and get back to oral health. Choose CEREC digital dentistry to maximize value and use of your time!

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