Digital Dentistry- Benefits Patients

Implant and General Dentistry of Vermont-  Happy 30th Anniversary! 

Nearly all our services have been touched by the technological revolution.  In our hands, technology continues to improve the quality of care we provide.

Digital Dentistry-Virtual to Reality  

digital dentistry CEREC Veneers

Digital dentistry with CEREC CAD/CAM has been an excellent crown and laminate solution for broken down, worn and discolored teeth.  But, within the past five years use of the latest “AI” algorithms have been developed for a complete re design and rehabilitation of the dentition!

Do you want a single tooth repaired or new smile?  Our use of CEREC digital dentistry can make it happen. CEREC delivers treatment that is effective, efficient, beautiful, long lasting and a biologically sound choice.

Implant Dentistry- Bicon Implants 

Our office has been on the leading edge of Implant Dentistry since the late 1980s.  Treatment planning with Galileos 3D x-ray imaging and delivery of implants using surgical guides has become recognized as the standard of excellent care.

digital dentistry Bicon Trinia

Over the past five years, we’ve married the Bicon Guided Dental Implant System with CEREC to successfully solve many of the complex tooth replacement issues we see.  Results have been outstanding, whether replacing single, multiple or complete arch of teeth.  Bicon Implants are beautifully engineered.  Simple placement and restoration protocols routinely yield as natural a result as today’s dentistry can provide.  Besides, Bicon Implants are made in the USA!

Priority- Personalized Dental Care

News media outlets complain that technology is impeding the the  development of meaningful relationships.  They say, many people are “i focused” and preoccupied by the latest gizmo, at the expense of human interaction.

We find photos, videos, emails and text messages, provide invaluable opportunities for us to be more effective communicating.  Helping patients to understand their conditions, being clear about treatment options and visualizing anticipated results,  creates deeper relationships and successes that can be celebrated.  There is no substitute for genuine care, skill and judgement, even in today’s tech crazed world!

Digital Future- Accelerating

“The Only Constant in Life is Change”
Heraclitus of Ephesus 500 BC

There is no slowing of technological innovation in sight.  Our learning never stops.  Digital dental systems are fantastic today.  But, limited longevity is a consequence of ongoing change.  Thus, our commitment to periodic re evaluation, and updating keeps us current for you !  

digital dentistry Sicat Air

Digital scanning for Invisalign-like orthodontics, 3D airway evaluation for sleep apnea and  3D printing are coming of age. New and improved is always just around the corner!  It is our pleasure to continue to provide the best digital strategies to enhance your appearance, function and comfort. 

Best wishes for your optimal oral health as we enter our 31st year in practice!

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