COVID-19 Vermont Hopeful

Is our mindset today about COVID-19 in Vermont hopeful? SARS-CoV-2 continues to run rampant in the World. What strategies help us cope? Are we beginning to see some light?

Vermont- Slowing the Spread

Governor Phil Scott extended Vermont’s “Stay at Home/Stay Safe” order through May 15, 2020. His message came shortly after a new “30 Days to Slow the Spread” was announced by the White House.

COVID-19 Vermont Hopeful
30 Days to Slow the Spread
Implant and General Dentistry of Vermont

Effectiveness in the battle to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus has been enhanced by citizen compliance to simple protocols, including:

  • Prompt Testing When Symptoms Occur
  • Limiting Activity Outside the Home- Social Distancing
  • Personal Hygiene Protocol- Hand Care, Face Protection
  • Self Quarantine Protocol- Potential Carriers Coming Into VT

Rutland County has seen low numbers of virus activity and no fatalities attributed to SARS-CoV-2, according to Vermont Department of Health statistics! High marks to our friends and neighbors toting the “Stay at Home” line!

Dental practices in Rutland and throughout Vermont will continue to be closed to May 15, 2020 except for emergency treatment and care. This should not prevent those in need from using available electronic media to contact their practitioner with any concerns about their oral health.

Four Steps- Coping Midst COVID-19

“I am not infected. But, I’m having a tough time with this whole thing. I’m worried about my family. Not being able to work and economy downturn, puts me on edge. The news seems worse, daily. I’m not sleeping well and have difficulty doing anything.”

Dr. Uche Odiatu Toranto, Ontario
Health Strategy during Corona Virus Pandemic

In the midst of this medical crisis, people are worried!

Earlier in the week, Dr. Uche Odiatu, Toronto, Ontario suggested a few targeted strategies to cope better with the societal upheaval caused by COVID-19. Here is a brief synopsis for your consideration.

  • Daily Physical Activity– Regular exercise improves immune resistance. Get out of the house and walk if nothing else.
  • Get Sleep– Good sleep has a profound effect on healing and wellness. Exercise and you’ll sleep better!
  • Good Nutrition– Put the bottle away and get the junk food out of the house. Go for a balance. Add in more fresh fruits, veggies and natural grains. Grocery shopping safety, from VPR.
  • Stress Management– Turn down the noise. Limit news. Breath and slow down. Reach out to be helpful. Reconnect with your spiritual source and life’s purpose. Meditation, prayer advised. Mayo Clinic on Stress Management.

Thank You Providers, Community

The timing of the Coronavirus pandemic, coinciding with Passover and Easter is curious. A biblical miracle is welcome, even if it takes another 40 days!

We thank the kindness, expertise and spirit of our Rutland health facilities, providers and community that demonstrates this pandemic will end with minimal loss of life in Rutland. Be assured, once medical conditions are stable, businesses will begin to heal and rebound!

Social Distancing Flattens Curve of Numbers Infected with SARS-CoV-2 Virus, Coronavirus Pandemic, COVID-19 Vermont Hopeful

The number of new Coronavirus cases in the U.S. peaked yesterday and numbers are beginning to fall. In Vermont it looks like we have crested. Ending COVID-19 in Vermont is not a hopeful wish. It is a certainty! Keep the faith. Continue to do your best. Help others in need.


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