VT Responds to COVID-19

Central VT COVID-19 Action

Central VT’s response to the Wuhan, China Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak has been phenomenal! Call to action for “stay at home” protocols by Governor Phil Scott are in place for the business community and individual Vermonters. It is pretty quiet out there.

VT Responds to COVID-19. Vermont State Map, Social Distancing, Stay At Home, Fight COVID-19

Based upon updated CDC data, President’s Coronavirus Guidelines for America have been extended from 15 to 30 days. Re-evaluation, April 30th.

The safety and health of citizens is our State’s first priority. Vermont is coping. COVID-19 cases are present in 12 of 14 of Vermont’s counties, according to Vermont Department of Health.

Wednesday April 1, 2020, the Department of Health website reported Coronavirus infection totals: 321 positive tests and 16 deaths.

Rutland’s COVID-19 case number is 10. Other States, most notably, New York are bracing for some tough days ahead.

Medical Information and Support

Central Vermont’s medical community is mobilized for diagnosing SARS-CoV-2. Vermont Department of Health- Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), provides source information and advisories for Vermont.

COVID-19 Local Medical Evaluation

Coughing, Fever, Respiratory Distress Symptoms of COVID-19. In Rutland, VT call physician. RRMC.

SARS-CoV-2 virus starts out slow. It incubates and symptoms begin to appear between 5-14 days. Continued progression produces severe respiratory problems that can be fatal.

Rutland Regional Medical Center recommends a call to your personal physician for concerns related to COVID-19 symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. RRMC’s website has a visitor policy relating to COVID-19, but provides valuable guidance.

Call your physician should you develop symptoms. Use the Center for Disease Control and Prevention Self Checker to assist. Your health and the health of others depend on the decisions you make!

Medical Update

The U.S. has eclipsed 1M Coronavirus tests. New rapid test devices are being deployed.

Abbott Pharmaceuticals, releases new “Point of Care” test device. Results in under 15min.

News on treatment of COVID-19 with hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin, and others should be forthcoming soon.

Dentistry’s Role- COVID-19

Read Vermont Dentistry- COVID-19 for background information about our initial responses to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dentistry- COVID-19 Why Offices Closed

VT Responds to COVID-19. Aerosols common with dental care.

Ever heard the expression, “less is more”. Dental offices are closed for a reason, and the reason is, simply, high risk of disease transmission. The less dentistry done right now, the greater prevention efforts thwarting viral spread will be. Why?

Dentists and their teams make great efforts to provide safe treatments. Autoclaves, masks, gloves, shields and disinfectants of all sorts used for your safety. …and, that’s not good enough?

Aerosols- COVID-19 Spread

NO! Transmission of this particular SARS-CoV-2 virus is nasty in the air and can be inhaled by others nearby. COVID-19 Coronavirus can linger in droplets and AEROSOLS dental procedures produce. Risk of virus transmission goes way up. So, for public safety, most dental offices, including ours, are closed by State mandate.

Your oral hygiene visit, delivery of your new crown, bridge, implant is important. We, other dentists locally and across the country will be happy to reserve appointment time when it is safe for us all!

Rutland, VT Fighting COVID-19

VT Responds to COVID-19. Epic Battle Health vs Coronavirus

Timely and aggressive measures by businesses, citizens and health care providers created the greatest chance for positive impact to stop the pandemic.

Remember the movie, Creed II ? Adonis Creed fought a new, strong, fast and formidable opponent to defend his World title. At one point, Adonis knew his suffering would, most certainly, get worse. Yet, he was resolute and determined to win! That high stakes match in Creed II feels like our war against COVID-19 today. A Fight for Health against the Coronavirus is in Round 5.

Is Health winning? Will the war against COVID-19 end soon?

Dr. Anthony Fauci says, “step on the gas”. It is not time to let up, yet. Honor the stay at home policy, social distancing and personal hygiene recommendations. We’ll beat this thing together!

TY Rutland. You are doing your part. Prayers for your continued health!

COVID-19 Resources

Vermont Department of Health- NOVEL CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19)

Revised Presidential Guidelines- Coronavirus Guidelines for America

Rutland Regional Medical Center-

Fox Business News- Hard days’ ahead in Coronavirus Pandemic as Trump extends guidelines

Mouth Healthy (ADA for Patients)- Dental Appointments and COVID-19

Abbott Pharmaceuticals- New Coronavirus Point of Care Test Unit Release

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