Health Is a Blessing

Health is a blessing not soon to be forgotten, as we end year 2020. COVID-19 morbidity and mortality statistics have been staggering. Disruptions to our social fabric, economic productivity and personal freedoms grate on our nerves. The SARS-CoV2 coronavirus is still with us. But, maybe not for long.

Are there reasons to be thankful? What can we expect as we prepare for 2021?

Fog of Uncertainty to Hope

Lost in the Fog

We have felt effects of COVID-19 at every turn, almost like being lost in a fog. The U.S. was caught off guard, ill prepared for this viral contagion. Origin: Wuhan, China. Within weeks, it was knocking on Vermont’s door. In short order, it was in our neighborhood, affecting our family and friends.

Medicine tried its best to mitigate spread of the coronavirus. Personal safety recommendations included washing hands, wearing masks and social distancing. Yet, doctors and hospital staffs scrambled to save lives, especially with the elderly and those having serious co-morbidities.

Hydroxy Chloroquine, known for treating Malaria, and Remdesivir, combined with antibiotics and ventilator support, gave those stricken HOPE. Effective, but tough on patients.

Leadership at Warp Speed

Project Warp Speed- Quest COVID-19 Vaccine

Governor Scott, in conjunction with the Vermont Department of Health, recommended a statewide shutdown in March. Gradual reopening of businesses in a new and safer way, helped many begin recouping the economic impact suffered by the interruption.

Though tighter tolerances for safety still are the order of the day, spikes of COVID activity across the nation indicate the virus is not going to “burn out” and disappear spontaneously.

Hearing the plea to prevent COVID-19, President Trump and VP Pence enacted action plan “Warp Speed“. Government, the medical profession, pharmaceutical industry and the military were incentivized to discover, produce and distribute a safe COVID-19 vaccine ASAP.

Originally thought impossible, the leadership initiative, actually yielded two miraculous safe vaccine candidates in under one year! Many lives will be saved as a result of this unusual collaborative effort.

Vaccines- Medicine’s Prevention


Most people know now, the best way to treat disease is, never to get it in the first place. The dental profession has championed a preventive mindset in patients for years. It’s easier and less costly to employ a small brush and a thin piece of string than treat dental disease after the fact.

Prevention works in medicine too!

It’s about preventing need for hospitalization, ventilators, coma and death! All are still real consequences of this deadly COVID-19 virus.

The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, recently FDA approved, are the medical profession’s measures to prevent SARS-CoV2 infection. They are certified extremely efficacious and safe!

Are YOU ready for the peace of mind that comes with predictable health in the face of this pandemic? Personally, I am good to go. Sign ME up for an inoculation. I plan to enjoy life this coming year!

You, of course, will need to consult with your personal physician to see if one of the new COVID-19 vaccines is right for YOU.

Health Truest Blessing in 2021

COVID-19 Vaccine

We are closing out 2020 with a beautiful Christmas and New Year’s celebration. It’s OK it will be a quieter than normal. There is much for us to reflect upon and be thankful for.

Many have survived coronavirus and may be fortunate to have natural antibody protection.

Most of us really need the vaccine to be safe. Trust. Be patient. Continue to be safe. We will have a vaccine soon.

With a healthy body, mind, heart and support of each other, we have all we need to live life to the fullest.

May you continue to be blessed with best of health and prosperity in 2021!

Blane J. Nasveschuk, DMD and Team

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