Light Beyond COVID-19

Coming out of a worldwide pandemic, are we finally emerging into the light beyond COVID-19?

Into the Light Beyond COVID-19

Late 2019 a pandemic started far away, in Wuhan, China. Within months the SARS-CoV2 virus, nicknamed COVID-19 was everywhere, including our Vermont neighborhoods. The virus spread not only by airborne droplet, but by contact.

Shut In and Shut Down

This coronavirus was deadly. It hammered elderly and people already coping with serious health issues. Infection and mortalities rapidly increased through the early months of 2020. While the world’s business slowed dramatically, medicine and pharmaceutical segments mobilized.

Separated from Eachother

Then, U.S., Centers for Disease Control worked feverishly with the medical profession, Federal and State agencies, to outline common sense safety protocols for the general public. The goal was to minimize infection spread. Secondly, limit disease and mortality. Citizens nation wide were literally shut in, shut down.

Tearing Up COVID-19 Now

The U.S. economy would have come close to a screeching halt if it were not for sectors that needed to ramp into high gear to meet basic public needs. Collaboration within the pharmaceutical industry to discover, manufacture and deliver safe vaccines throughout our country became the unprecedented national priority for the latter half of year 2020.

Vaccines- Solution to COVID-19

Today, Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are safe, have high efficacy and promise to prevent COVID-19 notwithstanding emergent variant virus strains.

Currently Vermont is ranked number three for safety behind Hawaii and Maine, according to data compiled from Johns Hopkins COVID Resource Center.

Gov. Phil Scott’s most recent press conference said, fully vaccinated individuals who travel to and from Vermont will no longer need to quarantine, effective February 23, 2021. However, travelers must be able to prove they have been fully vaccinated. “Fully vaccinated means it’s been at least two weeks since your final dose.” This is good news! Are we really on the back slope of the COVID-19 disease peak?

My belief is the CDC, medical profession and government officials are seeing better prospects for the future! Greater numbers of citizens, COVID-19 survivors have natural immunity. Coupled with a vaccinated population, we may have this virus beat! Optimistic? You bet!

Can We Get Rid of Our Masks?

How are local vaccination efforts progressing?

Today, Vermont Department of Health says 19% of Rutland County’s residents have been vaccinated. About 46,400 Vermonters have completed the 2 dose protocol for Pfizer or Moderna. For many still waiting, vaccinations can’t happen fast enough. Lifelong COVID consequences or death are still here without that elusive “herd immunity”.

Don't Do This Yet

Are we ready to dispose of our masks, live unencumbered lives, free of all of imposed isolation and protective strategies? Can we visit our children, grandchildren, the rest of our families and friends? Caution: Do not do what the young lady above is doing. Do not dispose of your masks yet!

Morning of the Day Without COVID-19

We are approaching the dawn of a time when risk of COVID-19 infection will be negligible. Polling patients in our dental office, all are expectant and ready for life after COVID.

Patience is the practiced virtue during this pandemic by many. Common sense must still prevail. Waiting, reminds me of the conversation between Juba and Maximus in the movie, “Gladiator”.

“Soon, but not yet!” Gladiator

Patience friends! Soon the pandemic will end, but not yet. Continue to opt for behaviors that will keep you and others healthy. Keep the faith. We are on the right path. There is light beyond COVID-19!


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