Oral Health- Moves On

Oral health care moves on. OK, but what about COVID 19? Isn’t SARS-CoV-2 lingering beyond expectation and still impacting my dental office?

COVID-19 Uncertainty

Please see what we have done since start of the Pandemic in Links below. This article hopes to provide today’s perspective.

Vaccines- FDA Approval

Many researchers say COVID will be with us for the foreseeable future. Fortunately, stats show Vermont to be one of the healthiest States in the Country through the pandemic. Our health policy guidance coupled with a reasonable population response is providing a common sense path forward, living with Coronavirus.

Today, several vaccine preparations are beyond Emergency Use Authorization. Moreover, several preparations have full FDA approval for safety. Helping the most medically compromised of the worlds population is still a priority. Now, vaccines are available for younger ages down to 5yrs.

Vaccination reduces risk of infection and prevents COVID-19’s severest consequences, including death.

And, new boosters just released are engineered to improve the immune system’s resistance to variants.

Health is Personal Choice

Freedom and Responsibility

Does it make sense to get vaccinated? For me, absolutely! For YOU? It’s your decision.

One’s personal wellbeing is a CHOICE and responsibility. Get informed. Talk to your Doctor. Do your research. Get vaccinated… or don’t.

YOU own the the benefits and the consequences of your health choices.

Debate or Move On

Research points us toward taking action for COVID in a very common sense way. It’s kind of like brushing your teeth to prevent tooth decay. Virus goin’ around, creatin’ havoc. Get vaccinated! Plaque all over my teeth. Brush and floss them!

Realize, recommendations from any health care source is based on past and current information gathered. Credibility of “facts” and reporting sources are critical. All requires YOUR scrutiny.

Facts Shift Like Sand

Does anyone have a firm handle on the future and circumstances that MAY develop? No, it’s grey and shifty as sand. Consequently alternative strategies lead to heated debate and controversy. Time clarifies. But, in the meantime, humanity just attempts to cope.

Kindness, patience understanding reduces the stress of making the right healthcare decision and it is why timely participation is so important to YOUR overall health.

Your Fight for Oral Health

What does our future with COVID have to do with my future oral health?

Our focus is on a viral disease with pandemic proportion. It is not the first pandemic, and will not be the last. Doesn’t dental decay and periodontal disease have an equivalent global distribution?

Today best case against COVID is preventive, just like dentistry. Do you see the parallel between prevention of this threatening disease and today’s best oral health care?

Health Is A Way of Life

Accept personal responsibility to be the healthiest version of yourself.

Why not prevent heartache? The consequence of full blown COVID-19 is high. You know what to do. It’s easy as your dentist recommends for your teeth, namely brush and floss. “Prevention pays.”

Move On- Be Healthy

Today’s dental profession continues to help people manage their issues with tooth decay and gum disease. Mortality from dental disease is rare. Yet, eradication of dental disease is unlikely. But, does life stop? No. We manage best we can. We move on.

As COVID-19 mortality statistics drop, will SARS-CoV2, be eradicated? Probably not. COVID may be heading into a very similar space as dentists treating decay, physicians helping people to prevent more effectively manage the disease.

Why not employ vaccination and medical prevention best we can, given todays circumstance. Let’s MOVE ON!

Time to Move On

Care for yourself. Care for your family, friends and neighbors. Practice prevention regarding your oral health and consider doing likewise when considering COVID-19 vaccination.

Stay healthy and keep smiling!


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