Dr. Nasveschuk- Retired

Veteran’s Day 11-11-2021, Dr. Blane J. Nasveschuk retired from active patient care. Implant and General Dentistry of Vermont was merged into two local Rutland, VT offices.

Dr. Nasveschuk- Implant Dentist CEREC Dentist Retired
Blane J. Nasveschuk, DMD

Patients Seeking Care

Patients of record from Implant and General Dentistry of Vermont have been merged into two wonderful practices, The Center for Dental Health, the office of Dr. Kelly Wright and Rutland Dental Care the office of Dr. Glenn Gregory. 

Kelly Wright, DMD
Dr. Kelly Wright

Dr. Kelly Wright and Dr. Glenn Gregory are lovely people, well-meaning, talented practitioners, newer colleagues in Rutland. Both are younger practitioners; good news for Rutland, since they will be around for years to serve the community.”

Glenn Gregory, DDS
Dr Glenn Gregory

Each has a unique formative dental education, professional interests and life experience that gives their practices special character and style. Both engage well with Rutland’s dental specialists and love living in Central Vermont.

Oral Health Still Your Choice

While in practice, Dr. Nasveschuk and his team’s mission provided the very best of dental care for their patients. They brought skill, energy, enthusiasm and dentistry’s latest technology to create beauty, comfort and long term oral health.

Healthy Living Healthy Life
Oral Health a Part of Healthy Living

Nasveschuk believed, a wholesome diet, regular exercise, prevention mindset and timely intervention are all keys to maintenance of the mouth and the body in general.

“We were always there to help. But, we also recognized oral health to be a personal choice, predicated upon positive self concept and interpersonal relationships. Today we are so happy many of our patients adopted the health centered spirit. Hopefully, we’ve improved their life, as a result of our efforts.”

Rainbows in Transition

Aruba Complete Double Rainbow
Aruba- A Complete Double

In the midst of their practice transition, through the COVID-19 pandemic in Vermont, a break in the action, allowed the Nasveschuks to see their first complete double rainbow! “It gave us the reassurance that beauty in life continues and all will be well!”

Dr. Nasveschuk and his wife Cindi, three grown sons’ families with six busy grandchildren start a new chapter. “Hey, Gramps just retired!”

Turning the page, will also start for for Dr. Nasveschuk’s beloved patients, choosing their new dental practitioner. Life continues to evolve.

“In the meantime we’ll all continue to smile! We’ve also adopted the mind set from online yoga instructor, Adriene Mishler,

‘Breeeathe! Lots of love in. Lots of love out!

Cindi and I are delighted to have had the wonderful opportunity and privilege to know and serve, YOU. May your memory of our guidance and friendship continue to inspire you toward being your best!”

Wishing you peace, joy and continued health.

Yours in health,

Blane J. Nasveschuk, DMD

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