About Our Practice

Signposts3Our Mission
Our mission is to provide you the very best of dental care … from our initial interview and examination, to planning, through the successful completion of treatment, to health maintenance and hygiene. We appreciate the opportunity to know and serve you!

Relationship Through Communication
We make the most of electronic communication including e-mail and telephone messaging during office hours to allow our staff to provide the finest clinical services to the patients actually in the office. We are delighted to speak with you and always return your call!

Off Hours Emergency
Our phone system will always tell you how to reach us both after hours and on weekends. When we are out-of-town, select offices provide “cross coverage” for our family of patients. Likewise, our message system will inform you which provider has graciously offered to be available for you should the unforeseen circumstance arise.

If you are a new patient, we will schedule you with Dr. Nasveschuk. Please complete the Patient Registration Form. He is interested in hearing your story, whether an urgent issue exists or a complete comprehensive examination is desired. Records or “x-rays” available from previous providers will always be reviewed and may provide valuable information helpful in planning the most appropriate path for you.

Appointments made with us, are reserved exclusively for YOU, and we honor our commitment to you alone for that time.  We reserve the right to charge and collect fees for cancelled and broken appointments without 48 hours advanced notice.   As a health benefit to you, we may offer to move your appointment to an earlier time if openings arise.

Since most hygiene appointments are booked 3- 6mo in advance, we send e-mail and post card courtesy notifications as a back up to your day planner or refrigerator calendar! Courtesy phone call reminders for hygiene appointments can be made upon request.

Treatment Plan
Your needs, wants, goals and the level of oral health you desire for yourself is a personal choice of highest priority. Your direction, coupled with the facts of your examination will help Dr. Nasveschuk to develop a Treatment Plan to upgrade your health. It is important for you to know the details of any proposal to your satisfaction. Our use of images and photographs will help you to understand not only the “whats” but the “whys” behind any indication or recommendation. Dr. Nasveschuk invites your questions, is delighted to share his reasoning for “life long health” as well as short term solutions.

Dental insurance provides assistance for payment. We are not contracted to any insurance provider or administrators of a “third party” provider system. However, we are happy to electronically submit a request for an estimate of benefits to your carrier on your behalf prior to scheduling treatment if this information will help you plan your finances.

Cash, check, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, Discover and Care Credit are all acceptable forms of payment. If you do have dental insurance, your carrier may request they send payments directly to us. We will take this into consideration when creating a payment arrangement.